Friday, November 26, 2010

Cavalier Corner Calendar Contest - Year in Review!

The votes are tallied on our 2011 Cavalier Corner Calendar.  The result is a gorgeous display of beautiful cavaliers from our forum and Facebook followers.  

July and December are designed for each person to personalize with special photos of their own dogs.  We've put together a nice collage on each month for those who may prefer just to order the calendar without personalizing.  

We hope you enjoy the calendar.  Shutterfly is running some nice specials on calendars over the next few days.  Whether you order or not, please feel free to check out the calendar and our beautiful winners.


  1. How cute! I did not know there were any black cavaliers, how interesting.

  2. I believe a black cavalier is basically a B&T without the Tan. Ruffles passed away of parvo about a month ago. I believe she was about 7 months old. There is another woman on the Cavalier Corner forum (Karen S) that also has a black Cavalier. They are very rare, and of course, not a recognized color. There are also chocolate Cavaliers, which have a chocolate color, rather than black. They can be both chocolate tri or chocolate and tan. I believe it's a recessive gene, and not a "desired" color. It's not desired, but it is unique. :-)


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